Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twilight Baby Daddy ~Jacob Black~ *For abbylee95*

Jacob's POV

"Poor Jake. He's the only one who hasn't imprinted yet." teased Leah. I sighed. She was right. She had Alex, Sam had Emily, Jared and Kim, Paul had my sister Rachel, Quil had Claire, and Embry had Melanie, and Seth and Kelsey. I got up and said, "I'm gunna walk on the boardwalk." Sam nodded and said, "OK." I walked down there and passed a few houses on the way. A new family was just moving in, and then a dog just came up and tackled me. I laughed and looked to see a husky with a hint of wolf ontop of me, licking my face. "Dawn!" The dog got off and ran over to a girl my age with white hair that went to her shoulders, tan skin and a curvy body, running towards me. "I am sooo sorry about! Dawn normally doesn't jump on strangers like that." I took the out stretched hand and got up. I looked at the howling wolf necklace, and smiled. "It's fine. My name is Jacob Black." The girl smiled back and said, "Abby Cross. My family and I just moved here." I nodded and asked, "Do you guys need help moving?" Abby shook her head and said, "Nope. We just finished when Dawn jumped ya." Dawn barked and circled around Abby. She laughed lightly and patted her head. I smiled. Then I felt a pull towards her. She looked up and at me and looked in my eyes. I stared into her brown eyes and knew she was soul mate. So basically I just imprinted on the new girl on the block.

Abby's POV

I just stared at Jake. I figured he was part of the pack here, cuz his skin was way warming than it should be, and he was built. Plus he had the tattoo on his arm. Dawm barked and circled around me. "He loves you!!!" I laughed lightly and patted her head. Yes I communicate with dogs. Well mostly Dawn. I looked at Jake and smiled. "So wanna hang out sometime?" Jake nodded and asked, "How bout now? So you can get a feel for the neighborhood?" I smiled and said, "Sure." I turned around and called, "Mom, Dad! I'm going for a walk with Dawn and a friend!" They came out and saw Jake. My dad smiled and my mom smiled bigger. My dad came over and shook Jake's hand. "Hey there. Mr. Cross." Jake nodded and replied, "Hi Mr. Cross. I'm Jacob Black." My dad nodded and my mom hugged me. "Aw my baby girl already has a boyfriend." I blushed and so did Jake. "Mom!!" I groaned. Jake laughed nervously, and said, "I actually want to start as friends." My dad smiled and said, "Good answer." My mom frowned slightly. I laughed and said, "My mom thinks I won't be able to make friends here." "Or find a boyfriend." I rolled my eyes and said, "So, Jake's gunna show me around town." My dad nodded and said, "OK. Becareful." I kissed his cheek and walked with Jake. Dawn followed barking playfully and being gentle. Jake showed me around town and we became the best of friends fast.

3 Years Later

I was sitting with Emily waiting for the pack to get home. I knew about their secret after 2 weeks meeting Jake. We clicked and hanged out ever since. "You know, Abby, you're the only girl who has gotten Jake to stop thinking about Bella." I nodded. I knew about the whole Jake loving Bella but she is in love with Edward. They just got down protecting her from some vampires after her baby. "I did not know that." I replied. When I really did. I didn't like to talk about it. She was misses out on a great guy. Emily smiled and the pack came in. I smiled and greeted them, and Jake sat next to me. "So what did you girls talk about, while we sexy men were away?" asked Paul. Me and Emily laughed lightly and said, "I believe that to me and Emily, only two of you are sexy Paul, and nothing important that you need to know." Emily winked at me and I smiled. The guys gave us a look and Leah asked, "So, whose the sexy men?" "Sam and Jake." replied Emily. Jake smirked and I shrugged. "Well I've got to get going. Dawn is probably going mad." Jake got up and said, "I'll go with ya." I nodded and waved goodbye to everyone. Me and Jake were walking on the beach and Jake asked, "What were you really talking about?" I stopped and sat on the sand. Jake sat next to me. "You were talking about Bella?" I nodded. "Emily said, that I'm the only girl to keep your mind off her." Jake nodded and replied, "You are. Until now, I haven't thought about her." "Why until now?" Jake smiled lightly and pulled me into a hug."Because you brought it up. After Bella had her baby, I haven't thought about her." I looked at him and he was telling the truth. "I've only been thinking of you, Abby. I imprinted on you when we first met." I smiled and kissed him. He kissed back and laid me in the sand. Things got really heated that night and Dawn was not happy.

2 Months Later

I sighed and looked at the test in my hands. It was positive. I was pregnant with Jake's kid. Dawn was laying with me with her head on my stomach. I patted her head, and asked, "What to do Dawn?" She looked at me and thought, "Tell him! He needs to know! And if he leaves its time I use my teeth!!" I laughed softly and got up. She followed and followed over to Sam's. I walked in and saw them there. I smiled and asked, "Jake can I talk to you?" He nodded and we walked to the beach. "Jake I'm pregnant." Jake smiled and hugged me tight. Dawn bark and I looked at her. "Now you don't have to use your teeth." she danced around and me and Jake smiled and laughed. Jake kissed me and said, "I love you Abby." "I love you too."

5 Years Later

Abby was sitting with Emily, watching her son Matt play with Midnight and his father. Dawn had puppies, don't know who the father is, and Abby kept them. Dawn sat with Abby and licked her face. Abby smiled and kissed her forehead. Jake came over and said, "None for the husband?" He leaned down and kissed her. Abby kissed back and Matt ran over and climbed into Abby's lap. Midnight stopped at his mom and Emily smiled. The pack home and Sam asked, "So when can we start?" Everyone laughed at how Emily's face turned bright red. Jake kissed Abby again and she knew everything was perfect.

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